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The Difference Between Emotional and Physical Radiance

You are sitting at your desk when one of your co-workers walks by. You catch a glimpse of her face and suddenly realize that she is absolutely radiant this morning. Then you begin to wonder what her secret is. Is she using some brand-new alpha hydroxy acid serum you’ve never heard of? Has she changed her diet and exercise routine?

Your first course of action is to not assume. People can display a radiant look for any number of reasons. Sometimes it is physical, sometimes it’s emotional, and other times it’s a combination of both.

Before you run out and begin purchasing hundreds of dollars in new skincare products, you might want to learn the difference between emotional and physical radiance and how the two relate to one another. It may be that the new alpha hydroxy acid serum you have your eye on is only part of a bigger equation.

Emotional Radiance

The concept of emotional radiance is something we are all familiar with even if we don’t understand it. Have you ever been to a wedding? Of course you have. Both bride and groom are beaming from the moment they step up to the altar. They have smiles so broad they can hardly contain themselves. Some couples even maintain their radiance all the way through the reception.

This form of radiance is the result of heightened emotions and the feelings of pleasure derived from them. That same couple will exhibit emotionally produced radiance on multiple occasions during their lifetimes. Imagine introducing grandma and grandpa to their first grandchild. Imagine the day they receive the keys to their first house.

Physical Radiance

Physical radiance can be more difficult to define given how drastically a person’s emotional state can affect his or her appearance. According to Poéthique, a Massachusetts-based skincare company, the skincare industry defines radiance as healthy looking skin that glows. If you can picture a six-month-old baby with rosy cheeks and soft skin, you have an idea what physical radiance entails.

In healthy young people, the skin has a natural physical radiance that is a direct result of the body maintaining skin health naturally. Youthful skin contains plenty of connective tissue that maintains strength and elasticity. Youthful skin is more evenly pigmented thanks to thick, healthy cell layers within the epidermis.

How the Two Relate

Emotional and physical radiance are not exclusive of one another. Most of the time, they both overlap and relate to one another. A person who is healthy in both body and mind is more likely to exhibit radiant skin than someone who is unhealthy in one, the other, or both.

For example, consider an older person who uses an alpha hydroxy acid serum to help boost physical radiance. If that person feels better about herself due to her skincare regimen, she is also likely to feel better about her overall health. Those positive emotions will help to contribute to that emotional radiance we talked about earlier.

Likewise, a positive emotional outlook has effects on physical health. Science has already proved this. That’s why stress is so damaging while a positive outlook is so healthy. A person who exhibits emotional radiance will tend toward better health if the reasons behind that radiance are both sustained and nurtured. Better physical health will lead to more physical radiance.

In the end, an alpha hydroxy acid serum is just one component in maintaining radiance. Combined with a positive outlook, a healthy diet, and a well-defined skincare regimen, physical and emotional radiance can be sustained over a person’s lifetime. And now you know.

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