Hottest Female Athletes in 2018 You Will Fall in Love With

These young, beautiful and very successful girls are known throughout the world for their performances in various sports. But, to be honest, they became famous not only thanks to their sport achievements, but for their beauty as well. As appearance matters as well, the rating includes sportswomen that are considered the most beautiful as of 2019. Many on this list managed to work as models and appear in advertising campaigns and music videos. They have become icons of style and beauty, known to the world of show business and sports. So, here they are. (The text is taken from Romance Compass)

Silje Norendal (Norway, snowboarding)

The gorgeous Scandinavian girl took only 11th place four years ago at the Olympics in Sochi. At seventeen, she was the youngest to participate in 2011 Winter X Games Europe, winning a silver medal. In two years, she would climb on the 1st place of this tournament. And in three years, Norendal would become the triumphant of the World Extreme Games. And, most importantly, she was named the most beautiful sportswoman of last year Olympic Games.

Ulla Zirne (Latvia, luge)

Ulla Zirne had lead Latvian luge team when Olympic Games were held in Pyeongchang. While getting the12th place in individual competitions, but helped the Latvian team to take the 6th place in the relay race. Four years ago, in Sochi, she took the 18th place in individual tournaments. However, sport is not the sole passion of Ulla, as she’s also into fashion. This Latvian beauty has even own brand of clothes that is called Ullalaaa Clothing.

Daniela Hantuchova (Slovakia, tennis)

Daniela won four Grand Slam competitions (Melbourne,London, Paris and New York) and was named one of the best female tennis player on the globe on various occasions. While anorexia prevented Hantuchova from showing her full potential, she still remains in the elite of women’s tennis, as well as the sexiest sportswoman on the planet.

Winifer Fernandez (the Dominican Republic, volleyball)

You should to tune into the Azerbaijan on volleyball tournament simply because a 23-years-old Winifer Fernandez participates in it. Certain publications call her the sexiest sportswoman in the world. Yes, the Dominican woman is not deprived of the increased attention, but, on the contrary, she regularly teases followers in her Instagram with hot photos of herself.

Allison Rebecca Stokke (the USA, pole vaulting)

She doesn’t have any special sporting achievements yet, but she acquires a crazy viral popularity due to her sexual images on the Internet from various tournaments and trainings. Allison’s fans literally go crazy about how she fixes her hair before every jump. Moreover, she repeatedly takes first place in various polls as the hottest athlete.

Hilary Knight (the USA, hockey)

Funny but the career of the first player player, who took part in the training of the male team, started not from hockey. Her career had launched in figure skating, but she had opted for re-qualification as a hockey player, as it had lesser female competition. Since then, the American hockey player Hilary Knight had earned Olympic silver medal twice. She is yet to make her dream of winning the gold medal come true. A two-time winner of the Olympics, she had proven that she can easily compete with representatives of men’s hockey. But the brutal ice hockey player turns into a fragile beauty outside the court. The girl is among the most beautiful sportswomen and has absolutely nothing against posing nude. Knight’s other passions include tennis, cycling, and skiing.

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