Budget Travel Rome Guide for People in Love

It is just impossible to remain indifferent in a place where every building and monument is a work of art. That’s why Rome is a great place to dating ukrainian ladies and so loved by travelers: in one city you can get impressions and bright emotions for a whole year ahead! If you and your soulmate are looking for budget entertainment in Rome, then this guide from the website amurdate.com is for you.

1. Visit the Colosseum

The amphitheater is visited by five million people on average annually. And although two-thirds of the Colosseum has not survived to this day, it still fascinates the imagination. You have to buy a two-day ticket (€12) to visit the arena of the Roman gladiators.

2. Absolve all your sins in the Pantheon

How about visiting world’s largest arcade, which has no windows at all? If that sounds interesting, you should opt for visiting the or the temple of all gods. Doesn’t seem familiar? Most likely because you know that building as the Pantheon, which now is a Christian church. Wonder why pagans called it the “temple of all gods” and how its dome manages to be lit without a single window? It’s connected, the light comes through a small hole in the top of the arcade, and this ray of light symbolizes the unity of all gods. It is believed that standing under this ray will free you from all of you sins. If you want to shine all your sins of away for free the Pantheon is a place to go.

3. Drink coffee at Piazza Navona

If you have only an hour to explore Rome, go to Piazza Navona. Something interesting happens on the square all year round: street musicians give concerts, artists draw masterpieces, live statues and clowns entertain the public. When it is hot, tourists and locals go to the three fountains on Piazza Navona searching for coolness. Agree that it is more pleasant to watch a fun bustle when you sit in an outdoor cafe.

4. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

There is an interesting belief according to which, throwing one coin in the fountain guarantees you will return to Rome. In case of throwing two coins you’re going to meet your love in Rome. Three – means you’re going to have a wedding there, while throwing four coins will make you rich. No guarantees, but it’s worth trying.

5. Visit the smallest country in the world

During the Roman holidays, you should devote some time to visit Vatican. In the tiny city, there is a huge population density and an equally high concentration of monuments, museums, and attractions. And if you’re lucky, you can see or even receive the blessing of the Pope Francis. Also, there are dozens of very interesting museums. Don’t be lazy to get up the top of the St. Peter’s Basilica arcade, there you can enjoy stunning panorama of the city. In the cathedral, there is a strict dress code: closed hands and feet, lack of a headdress for men and a covered head for women. Entrance fee is €16.

6. Ride a self-balancing scooter through Trastevere

The ivy-covered little houses on narrow streets, the flavors of Italian dishes, coming from tiny family restaurants, melodic songs of street musicians: the cozy Trastevere area to the south of Vatican is an ideal place for romantics. Here many people escape, wanting to hide from thecrowds of tourists in the central squares and streets of Rome.

The Villa Farnesina, where you can ramble through the lemon garden and admire the frescoes of Raphael and his students, deserves special attention. If you are tired of long walks, you can rent a self-balancing scooter and ride right up to the top of the Gianicolo hill, from where you can see a breathtaking view of the city. It will cost about €6.

7. Look at Rome from a height

In a city built on seven hills, many people try to see the entire capital of Italy at a glance. But this is simply impossible. From each hill, Rome opens with a special side. The highest viewing platform of Rome is under St. Peter’s Basilica arcade in Vatican. Scenic panoramas of the Tiber and Trastevere open from the romantic place of the Saint Angel’s castle. And if you want to enjoy the picturesque view of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, you need to climb to the top of the Vittoriano Monument.

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