Best Light Therapy Device – Understand How It Helps You

LED light therapy is used as light energy to trigger the function of the skin cells acting younger. They heal quickly and produce elastin and more collagen. The LED therapy is the best and it is not any false hype. There are light therapy devices available to meet your skin woes, so know to select, understand what is the best light therapy device and its work.

The LED light therapy is more of a self heal and can be done at home using the appropriate light therapy device. Here are a few light therapy devices:

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

This is a mask imitating a helmet. It is cool and the acne mask is simple to use. Suits even lazy people as you just have to slip it as though you are wearing eye glasses. It has a shield as built in and on hitting the button, the activator is operated that you can sit and relax. The mask interior illuminates and warm light of pink pool covers for 10 minutes your face.

That pool of light comes contains red and blue LED lights such that this combination helps in eliminating the bacterial causing acne and also speeds up the promoting and healing of collagen and elastin production. The two lights are great for mild to moderate acne.

Each mask is ideal for 30 sessions. After the 30 sessions also you need not throw the mask away, instead buy a new activator for $15.

reVive Essentials Acne Treatment Light Therapy

This is a pocket size, affordable portable gadget suitable for on the go as LED Light Therapy. reVive is a larger version as a handheld wand size. It is powered three AA batteries, a USB power source or a wall outlet. It suits mild to moderate acne.

The device emits natural blue light energy to fight bacteria causing acne. If you are using the hand held device, wear goggles and also keep distance from the light source from your skin and give this treatment for three minutes. There are no adjustments or user settings included as on getting overheated, it will shut off automatically.

The LED technology heals the blemishes and prevents breakouts. Taking a three minute timer is enough to cure the areas requiring treatment. This makes it simple to shift on your face keeping your eyes open during treatment. This can be handled with gentle touch and it feels light on your skin.

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